Out of Orbits!

Orbits is best experiences in a modern browser. Please download Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari to access Orbits.

Getting into Orbits

Orbits is simple and intuitive to use. Explore the venue just like you would at a physical event – and have fun!

1. Complete your profile

Think of this as your digital lanyard. Type in your name and optionally take a photo and you’re good to go!


You need a ticket.

You need a ticket to set up your profile. Please click the ticket link in your email and try again.

If you have already signed up as a member, then log in here

2. Testing, testing.

Orbits is a full audio-visual experience. Some rooms have music. Turn this on or off by clicking via the top menu.

3. You have successfully entered The Matrix. Now what?

Navigate via the Map.

You’re at an event! Find your way around via the Map or Agenda links at the top of the screen. There are speakers and sessions over the course of the event, so keep your eye on the timetable. You can watch from the Main Stage or the Tables.